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2 min readFeb 11, 2016

Westinghouse Australia (Agency: Orchard)

The Westinghouse website is a digital manifestation of the brand values: focus on strong fundamentals, uncomplicated design, and celebrate everyday Aussie families.

Working in collaboration with a visual designer, we kept our design decisions true to those values. Is there a more straightforward way to show this interaction? What is a simpler, everyday word for this label? Approachability over sleekness. Conventions over novelty.

Slides from a presentation to the client on the proposed solution.

I developed the information architecture, wireframes, and content strategy. I proposed to augment the site’s sheer utility with a new collection of original stories that showcase Westinghouse products in various settings. From weekend barbeques to special holidays, these stories help promote Westinghouse’s practical and innovative features in everyday use.

One of the project’s challenges was that the site remains integrated with an existing product information management system. The system not only provides hundreds of data points to this site, but also serves other B2B and B2C websites, including product specs, images, and promotions. We quickly embraced this constraint as a design challenge to represent existing assets in a more useful and engaging way.

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