• Dominic Campbell

    Dominic Campbell

    Partner, Impossible Ideas Inc. | Designing Next Generation Public Services

  • John VDL

    John VDL

    JS dev on @Atlassian's @Bitbucket Server. Apparently I read too much fantasy. I love custard, pancakes and Heineken. Also Whiskey. Also pancakes.

  • Jocelyn Ozolins

    Jocelyn Ozolins

    Public Librarian - Shelter Island, NY

  • Jules Lau.

    Jules Lau.

    Head of Content @reactive by day, asleep by night.

  • HFI


    User Experience Engineering for Complex Systems. Our tweets are all about Usability and UX.

  • Bill Bovopoulos

    Bill Bovopoulos

    Lives for design, user experience & all things digital. Father of 3 Superheroes. HD rider. Experience Director @ http://digital.pwc.com . All views are my own.

  • Paula Kwaschik

    Paula Kwaschik

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