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Calvin Chong
2 min readFeb 11, 2016

BT Financial Group (Agency: Orchard)

BT Go-invest is an online investment platform for Australians who are interested in investing but just don’t know where to begin.

I worked in a multi-disciplinary team which included a visual designer, UI developer, solution architect, and producer. We collaborated with the client to prioritise requirements, audience needs, and reviewed other best-of-class financial web apps to define the minimum viable product.

I created and maintained a “product bible” to capture our understanding of overall concepts and outline the proposed solution design.

I was responsible for developing the information architecture, interactive wireframes, and interaction design. We worked in design and development sprints, refining things as we went along. We were fortunate to work with a highly engaged product owner which enabled us to reprioritise our focus and efforts easily.

Interaction for transferring funds from one portfolio to another.

The process of building this product allowed every discipline to push the envelope: from interactive charts and asynchronously loaded UI, to developing a custom-built RESTful API to securely communicate with BT’s existing systems.

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